About Jeremy

Jeremy Homan is an author whose work explores the social impact of pop culture, combining memoir, humor, and Hollywood, with a dash of self-help.

His first book is called The Lovedrunk Chronicles: 101 Movies, 10 Women & One Man’s Quest to Become Mr. Right. The memoir is about Homan’s exploration of romantic comedies and their effect on real-world relationships — including his own — as he applies principles from these films on real-world dates.

Homan has debated Judd Apatow about Bill Cosby, conducted a series of jailhouse interviews with boy-band-architect-turned-Ponzi-schemer Lou Pearlman, and is working through a book of 101 things to do before he dies.

Homan’s lifelong obsession with television, movies, and music fueled his obsessive quest for better living through popular culture.

His blog, which launched in 2017, celebrates the sheer joy of trivial things and explores his eclectic passions: vintage toys, goofy food, road trip mixtapes, and psychotronic movies.

Homan lives in Florida with his family, crippling social anxiety, and an alarming case of male-pattern baldness.


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