101 Things to Do Before You Die: An Introduction

101 Things to Do Before You Die: An Introduction

If I died today, I’d die an abject failure. I’ve managed to complete just 16 tasks out of the 101 featured in the book 101 Things to Do Before You Die. That’s barely 15 percent. To make matters worse, when I got the book in 2007, I had already completed two of them before I’d even started.

I guess I should give you some background. 101 Things to Do Before You Die was written, designed, and illustrated by Richard Horne, and published in 2004. The book bills itself as “the definitive guide to everything you should do before it’s too late.”  I first ran across the book on the shelf of Barnes & Noble when I was 26.  Over the next year, I went back to the store several times to thumb through the pages. I loved the idea of completing through a list of adventures — some that I’d always wanted to do and others that would force me way way way out of my comfort zone.



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